Introducing LiquiCell Shoe Insoles & Inserts

The World's Best Option for Aching Feet

100% Money Back GuaranteeDesigned and proven to reduce footwear discomfort, our LiquiCell shoe insoles and inserts provide all-day comfort that exceeds gel or foam inserts. How? It's all in the LiquiCell technology.

LiquiCell® is a medical technology that protects skin tissues from being stretched and torn, thereby optimizing blood flow. This ultra-thin cell contains a liquid that is in constant motion allowing the feet to glide or float with the shoe/boot. What this means, is greater long-term comfort due to fewer hot spots, less foot friction and fatigue.

Enhanced with LiquiCell technology, our Walk on Water Shoe Insoles provide comfort that stays with you all day long. Get rid of your sore and tired feet - order you pair today!
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With ultra-slim LiquiCell cushioning that massages feet with every step, our LiquiCell Shoe Inserts make it easy to enjoy your day. Order yours today and place in your open-toed shoes, sandals and heels!
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"The insoles are fantastic.
I don't feel tired any more. My wife, a nurse loves them too. She doesn't leave home without them!"

– Sam, Newport Beach, CA

"No more knee & foot pain. I can be on my feet all day long! I got rid of my annoying orthotics."

– Steve, Newport Beach, CA

"I can walk for hours in the mall or at my job. It's like walking on water! Basketball and Golf are fun now!"

– Greg, Irvine, CA

"I was walking on air the whole time!"

– Malika, Flight
Attendant, Santa Fe, NM